What is a Discipleship Training School?

So you’re interested in a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS), but you want to know more about what that entails. Let’s take a closer look at the purpose of the DTS, the curriculum, and why we think it’s an excellent place to grow with Jesus.


-To GATHER and CHALLENGE people to worship, listen to and obey God, releasing them (in the context of the DTS) to serve through evangelism, intercession, acts of compassion and other expressions of God’s heart for the world, possibly even pioneering new ministries.

-To INSPIRE and CULTIVATE growth in one’s relationship with God resulting in Christ like character, which is based on a solid Biblical foundation, the work of the Holy Spirit and the personal application of Biblical truth, especially concerning God’s Character, the Cross and empowering Grace.

-To SHARPEN one’s ability to relate to, learn from and work with people, including those of different cultures, personalities and perspectives.

-To further EQUIP each one to serve God’s purposes either in or outside of YWAM Family of Ministries, strengthening a commitment to reach the lost, especially the unreached, to care for the poor, and to influence all areas of society.

-To IMPART the vision and foundational values of Youth With A Mission International as well as that of the host operating location and to provide information regarding a variety of opportunities for service.



The DTS aims to graduate students …

  • with a growing understanding of the breadth and depth of God’s character and ways

  • who are becoming more like Jesus in the way they relate to God and people

  • who increasingly cooperate with the empowering presence of the indwelling Holy Spirit

  • who listen to and obey God as the result of God’s enabling Grace

  • who search the Scripture in such a way that transforms beliefs, values and behaviors

  • with strengthened lifestyles of worship, intercession and spiritual warfare

  • with a greater ability to work with others, especially those different to themselves

  • who can share the Gospel with the lost and have a life long commitment to do so

  • with a commitment to continue to be involved in some way with God’s work among the nations, including unreached people, the poor and needy and in spheres of society

  • who understand the calling and values of YWAM and are aware of a variety of opportunities available to them throughout YWAM

  • with a clearer understanding of God’s purposes for their life and a sense of their life direction


The Discipleship Training School Curriculum

Every YWAM DTS is a little different, unique to the location and leadership of each school. That being said, there are nonnegotiables that must be present in every course for it to be considered a true YWAM DTS. Rather than a structured and scheduled curriculum, YWAM provides a framework of values, lessons, concepts, and truths that students must interact with during their DTS. You can find the entire detailed DTS curriculum at the International DTS Centre website. Here is our condensed version. Out of these 6 categories, all of the DTS’s teachings, activities, and goals flow.



God’s Nature and Character: Encountering God, understanding who He is and what He is like, and how He invites us to abide in relationship and partnership with Him.


God’s World: Calling, The Great Commission, our God given responsibilities, and the invitation to join in the ministry of Jesus Christ.


God’s Family: His church, His role as Father, and how we are to exists as His children together globally.


God’s Redemption: Understanding the Biblical narrative about God’s plan of redemption of humanity through the cross, and recognizing Jesus as Lord.


God’s Intention for Individuals, Peoples, and Creation: Seeing all of life through God’s perspective, and learning to make choices that glorify Him, and displaying the Kingdom of God in all areas of society.



YWAM: Introducing the ways Youth With A Mission responds to God; through “Knowing God and Making Him Known.”


Though each school is different, common lecture topics that most DTS’s offer are:

Hearing The Voice of God

The Father Heart of God

Relationships and Forgiveness


Bible Overview

Freedom and Identity

Prayer, Intercession, and Worship