The Mercy of God: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

The mercy of God is the central reality of the Christian faith. But what it is? Let’s take a closer look to the importance of mercy of God.



The Mercy of God: What Is It and Why Is It Important?



The mercy of God is the central reality of the Christian faith. Yet, how many of us really spend time pandering what it is? We have a general sense that mercy is similar to grace and forgiveness, but have we looked beyond that? Let’s take a closer look at the mercy of God and why it’s important in the Christian life. 

What is the mercy of God? 

Something tells me that if you were to ask this question to 10 different people, you would get 10 unique answers. The word “mercy” shifts and grows the longer I walk with Jesus. I have a personal understanding of the word because I understand it not only intellectually but experientially. For example, you have a certain understanding of a dish because you know the ingredients and the steps required to make it. But that understanding grows and expands when you take a bite of it, and tangibly experience what you previously only had an intellectual understanding of. Similarly, to rightly understand mercy, you must first experience it. Taste it. 

God’s mercy is too vast, diverse, complex, simple, and all around wonderful to describe correctly in an 800 word blog. But, there are patterns and structures in Scripture we can use to point us in the right direction.

What Does the Bible Say Mercy Is? 

The New Testament often uses the Greek word “eleos” to express the idea of mercy. Mercy is a spiritual kindness likened to clemency and forbearance. Translated descriptions of this word include, “kindness or good will towards the miserable and the afflicted, joined with a desire to help them” as well as, “readiness to help those in trouble.

The Bible describes mercy as a characteristic of God that man has the privilege of experiencing, and then supernaturally bestowing upon others. Because we have been shown lavish and measureless mercy, we are to show mercy. Because we have been shown kindness, love, forgiveness, patience, and graciousness, we are to extend these things to those around us freely. 

Understanding and Experiencing the Mercy of God through YWAM 

One of the best parts of my job as a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) missionary is getting to see people understand and experience the mercy of God for the first time, or in very new ways. On the mission field, Youth With A Mission uses creative and innovative ways to communicate the mercy of God. Sometimes it looks like teaching English to children in a safe and caring environment. Sometimes it may be helping a widow repair her house, or providing education for a woman leaving prostitution. Regardless of the method or location, a YWAMer’s goal is always to accurately share the mercy of God – as an invitation to know God more. YWAM locations and bases worldwide unite around the priorities of “Knowing God, and Making God Known.” It is our war cry. Essential to this anthem is the mercy of God. You cannot know God apart from His mercy. Nor can you make Him known without it. YWAM mission trips are all different, but should all have this common foundation. Upon joining YWAM through a Discipleship Training School, or “DTS”, you will be given wonderful training and insight on God’s mercy and its vital importance. 


Next Steps 

If the mercy of God has captivated you, and you are ready to begin sharing it with the world around you, apply for a DTS! There are tons of YWAM DTS locations in the USA, and hundreds of YWAM DTS locations around the world. But the best YWAM DTS location for you is the one that God leads you to. Don’t choose a location based on whether it’s the cheapest YWAM DTS. Let God worry about the YWAM DTS cost, and let Him show you His mercy through that! We would love for you to consider joining us at YWAM Asheville for our upcoming Discipleship Training School so we can experience this adventure of mercy together!


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