Leadership: Top 9 Ways to Become a Better Leader

True leadership benefits everyone, not just the leader. Learn about 9 different ways to become a better leader with YWAM Asheville.


Leadership: Top 9 Ways to Become a Better Leader

Leadership: Top 9 Ways to Become a Better Leader


“True leadership must be for the benefit of the followers, not to enrich the leader,” says John C. Maxwell. If leadership is meant to benefit the follower, then what is a leader? And how do you become a better one? We are going to look at the top 9 ways to become an effective leader.


Who Is A Leader? 

“Leadership is the act of serving others out of Christ’s interests in their lives so they accomplish God’s purposes for and through them,” says Bill Lawrence. This definition makes it plain to see that everyone is called to be a leader because as Christians, we are all called to serve God and others! Throughout the New Testament, Jesus gave us many examples of what it means to lead others and what it should look like. Youth With A Mission’s value to exhibit servant leadership is partly derived from the passage in John when Jesus washes the disciples’ feet. We see over and over again that the heart of Jesus was to serve and not to be served. As we step into the reality that we are all called to be leaders, we must keep this truth on the forefront of our minds: to be a leader is to be a servant. If you are looking to grow as a leader, grow as a servant! 

Top 9 Ways To Become a Better Leader

1. “Leader” is defined as an example for others to follow. Developing discipline in every area of your life is crucial to becoming an effective leader because you set the example. Choosing to implement good habits like being on time, being organized, or simply just keeping your word will greatly impact your leadership. If you do a Discipleship Training School, you will be given the time and structure to gain discipline in your life. During both the DTS lecture phase and outreach phase, there are scheduled times of prayer, worship, intercessory prayer, local ministry, and Bible study. 

2. One of YWAM’s values is to communicate with integrity. Communication is part of everyday life as a leader, but the ability to do so truthfully, accurately, and in a timely manner takes practice and genuine effort. Knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it is essential to life as a leader. Learn to communicate expectations, feedback, and details effectively. 

3. Being a leader means being part of a team so learning to connect with and champion those around you should be a top priority. Choose to value each individual and always be ready to offer encouragement and guidance. Make a conscious effort to call out and utilize people’s strengths to best support the team.

4. As a leader, you set the tone and the atmosphere. Keeping a positive attitude and being able to motivate those you are leading is so important! If you are negative and complaining, the attitude of the team will follow the example you set. Choose to uplift with your words and be a presence that boosts the atmosphere. 

5. Leadership does not equate to dictatorship. While you lead others, remember to keep an open mind to new ideas and always be open to receiving feedback. Encourage the involvement of your team and make it known that you want their contributions. Becoming a better leader means learning how to listen well and truly hear your team. 

6. Leaders shouldn’t just seek to check things off of a to-do list; they should be enthusiastic about the projects they work on. Great leaders have a genuine passion for the goals of the group and spark excitement in the rest of the team. This is especially important in ministry. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day logistics of the ministry God has called you to, so consistently come back to the “why” behind what you are doing.

7. Nothing goes right 100% of the time, and leading comes with the responsibility of resolving issues that arise. Knowing how to resolve conflicts well and in a way that honors individuals requires discernment. While resolving conflicts, our words, facial expressions, and actions should all display honor to our relationships with our team. Leaders should always be growing in discernment and their problem-solving skills. 

8. Leaders have never fully arrived and should always be striving to grow and improve. God calls each of us to go from glory to glory and as we choose to go through the refining process of becoming more like Jesus, growth is inevitable. As we become more like Jesus, we will become more effective and impactful leaders. 

Leadership Program at YWAM Asheville 

9. Last but not least, to grow in your leadership you can join the Foundational Leadership Course at YWAM Asheville You will have the opportunity to serve in different aspects, discover your passions, and get hands-on experience with leading in several areas. The FLC is a 6 week secondary school packed with great information on leadership while also offering opportunities to apply and put into practice all that you learn. Our leadership program will not only help you grow as a leader but spiritually as well.

Final Takeaway 

It really doesn’t matter what you’re in charge of, what realm of work you’re in, or who is in the team you are leading…these basic leadership principles will help you guide your team to success, unity, and longevity every time.



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