How Can DTS Help You Grow Spiritually?

Discipleship is at the core of a DTS. YWAM believes that a lifestyle of being discipled by God and by others is key to spiritual growth.

How Can DTS Help You Grow Spiritually?


Discipleship is at the heart of what it means to be a Christian. Discipleship isn’t an added bonus or an optional ‘elective’ for followers of Jesus. Whether you knew it or not at the time, a commitment to follow Jesus is also a commitment to being discipled. And this is good news! In scripture, Jesus describes himself as ‘the good shepherd.’ In John 10, Jesus tells us that we are his sheep and if we follow him we shall recognize his voice. This is at the heart of discipleship, learning to recognize the voice of God and respond in obedience. Christians are called to ‘disciple’ under Jesus first and foremost. Likewise, Christians are called to disciple others- Matthew 28:19. Like Peter, followers of Jesus are called to feed God’s sheep- caring for, supporting, and guiding fellow believers through discipleship.



YWAM’s mission is to “Know God and Make Him Known.” Before the last half of this statement can happen the first half must be made a priority. Francis Chan once spoke this to a group of hungry young people at the SEND (and I paraphrase,) 

Young people, it’s amazing that you are so eager to hop on planes and go to foreign nations for missions. But if you aren’t reading your Bible, what are you going to tell others when you get there?

This statement has resonated with me over the years as a missionary as there’s truth to it. Backtrack to Jesus’ instruction in Matthew 28 :“ Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” – If you follow Christ, you are a product of someone’s discipleship. This was Jesus’ way in which He envisioned the Church growing. Tie that to what 


Francis Chan said to be faithful and effective Christians (and especially missionaries) we must be steeped in our Bibles and actively being disciplined by other trusted believers. If any of this resonates with you, a YWAM DTS could be a great opportunity for you to consider! 



In a Discipleship Training School (DTS) there will be both times of Bible engagement (together and individual) and times of discipleship built into a weekly DTS course schedule. If you are reading this, it’s probably no secret that the World needs more Christian leaders. Not just any leader, but one who is servant-hearted and committed to reaching others for the sake of Jesus. Is it possible that God might be asking you to become such a leader? Consider applying to a YWAM Asheville DTS or the Foundational Leadership Course FLC (for those who have completed a DTS).

A DTS school reflects a YWAM value of ‘Do first; then teach.’ Before you can effectively lead and disciple others, you too must be discipled. Consider Jesus’ disciples (the Apostles). It was only after He had spent three years with them, teaching and discipling them in the ways of the Kingdom of Heaven, that He then sent them out to ‘make disciples.’ While a Youth With A Mission DTS is only  5 months (3 months of a lecture phase and 2 months of an outreach phase) we are confident that you’ll grow in how you “apprentice under Jesus,” as pastor/author John Mark Comer calls it, and become better equipped to disciple others whom God places in your life. 




As a student in DTS, you’ll receive quality Bible-based teaching from knowledgeable speakers with life experience in their topic. There are 12 weeks of lectures, each with a different focus, including topics like, The Character & Nature of God, Bible Overview (a personal favorite), Evangelism, Hearing God’s Voice, and much more! In every DTS YWAM host, the aim is to equip you to live a vibrant faith and effectively share that same faith with others. The topics of each week’s lectures are designed to inspire questions, equip you to search for answers, provide key information and guidance as you deepen your understanding of the Christian life and train as a missionary.


Learn to be discipled and live as a disciple of Christ. We have discussed why discipleship is important, but what does this look like? Every YWAM base that runs a DTS has a commitment to discipleship. For us at YWAM Asheville, discipleship is best summarized as an intentional commitment to walk alongside one another as we seek to deepen and grow our faith. As a student in one of our training programs you will have a team member who meets with you weekly. They will be there for you as you have questions, act as a soundboard when you face challenges, and encourage you through words and prayer. Discipleship is impactful as it invites someone to speak truth into your life! At first, truth can be hard to receive, but it is one of the most loving things someone can do for us . Truth is refreshing.


Intentional, individual times where scripture is read, worship happens (whether you sing aloud or listen to worship music), reflection on the Word, prayers offered (you and God communicating). These times are so crucial to a Christian life as it brings us back to the heart of our Faith, communion (belonging) with God.

In a DTS, these personal devotionals, “quiet times,” are a part of the schedule as we believe they are so important to every believer! 


Our base in Asheville, NC has a big emphasis on evangelism as God has directed us to ministering in a city that is hungry for spiritual truth. In your DTS you will receive practical and insightful training in evangelism. My favorite part of this training is learning to connect my own testimony as part of sharing The Gospel. We each have a story of how The Gospel has impacted us, but sometimes we need others to help us find the words.

 In your DTS, there will be an opportunity for evangelism at least once per week. Being rooted in downtown Asheville allows us to walk out our door to share the Good News with others. This will be a great experience as you’ll be sharing in a city that is spiritually hungry and open to hearing all ranges of ideas. 

Furthermore, you’ll be ministering alongside our team members, giving you the space to apply what you’ve learnt in the classroom setting. As you share the Good News with others, I am confident you’ll see your own walk with God deepen.


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