Story Behind The Photo: Mason

Mason shares some insight on the story behind the photo. Check out some of what he learned during his YWAM outreach!


This was one of those moments we often hear about when God works through you despite discomfort. Our team was in India, where we would spend the next two months of our outreach. One expression in which YWAM fulfills the Great Commission is through what we call ‘mercy ministries.’ This is often expressed through providing medical care, constructing shelters, and distributing essentials like food/clothing. 

During our first week of outreach, we journeyed into a village where those with leprosy were confined. This was an incredibly memorable experience as we got to look beyond the veil of stigma. We heard real stories and got to be the hands and feet of Christ to those with wounded hands and feet themselves. This will always stick with me.

The next leg of our journey involved serving alongside medical professionals in a makeshift HIV clinic. We crammed into a small upper room with little ventilation and recorded ailments and prayed over the sick and injured. One vivid memory I have is simply eating a meal with everyone there. This was a moment that transcended class, caste, language, etc. and painted a beautiful illustration of God’s Kingdom in real time. 

For me a special occasion was praying for a patient who came to the makeshift clinic. 

A man, maybe in his late 40’s, had been experiencing chronic pain. He was seen by a doctor and given a prescription. He then asked if we would pray for him, his health, and his family.

Was the prayer translated or not, I can’t remember. But what I do recall is this man’s vulnerability and his sincere desire to have God move on his behalf. As a missionary, it’s times like these that we do what we do -the greatest privilege being God working through us.


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