Ways to Fight Against Human Trafficking

Learn about ways to fight against human trafficking.


Ways to Fight Against Human Trafficking 



Not only is human trafficking a hot topic these days, it is an injustice close to the heart of God. Here at YWAM Asheville, we believe that the power of the Gospel, godly community, and the support of professional experts in the field can all successfully address the wounds of those who have been trafficked or experienced exploitation. But what can the everyday person do to help fight human trafficking?


What is Human Trafficking? 

We often assume that when someone refers to Human trafficking that it involves someone being used for sexual services and we leave out the whole other, huge aspect of people who are forced into horrific practices by the use of labor. Many times the two types of human trafficking: labor and sex go hand in hand. 

Domestic servitude, working on agricultural farms, the fishing industry, brick factories, sweatshops are just a few examples of ways that people are made to work with little to no pay. 

Now more than ever we have our hands on unlimited resources to figure out what is going on with trafficking in our world but we find it hard to know exactly what to do to fight this plight. Here are a few ways that you can be involved in saying “no more!” to trafficking in your country, state, even in your hometown. 


6 Ways to Fight Against Human Trafficking 

  • Research: Do your homework! This one is overlooked by many, we want to jump in and feel that we’ve done something physically to combat human trafficking. But knowing what you’re talking about and what you’re truly trying to fight is key in the process. There are many things that are missed out on when you don’t know your terminology, aren’t sure what’s happening in your city, and are clueless to the people who are already making a difference.


  • Pray: Another overlooked one and often thrown to the curb. Intercessory prayer should be the foundation of any ministry. This is the time to get on your hands and knees before God, hear His heart, pray His prayers, and receive strategy for how you should be involved. Part of YWAM training includes teaching students how to effectively engage in intercessory prayer, and seeking God’s heart for any given situation. YWAM DTS and secondary school students will graduate with a solid foundation of prayer, comfortable and confident in approaching the throne of God in order to partner with Him in prayer.


  • Thrift: Something that seems so small but if we all commit to it it will make a difference. As a society we consume and waste so much, including clothing. Many clothes are made in sweatshops, where the conditions are horrific, the pay is terrible to nothing, and where people are worked to the bone. When you choose to thrift your clothes, you are not only helping the environment by choosing a sustainable option but you are defying the consumer mentality of, “I want more.” ThredUp and Poshmark are two great places to buy used clothing and to also sell some of your stuff. ThredUp will even send you a shipping label. so that you can recycle your old clothes sustainably rather than just giving it to a Goodwill.


  • Buy Ethically/Fair Trade Goods: Beautiful Earth is a company that specializes in non-blood diamonds. Tony’s Chocolonely are a part of Fairtrade and produce amazing chocolate. There are many companies out there who are doing their part in making sure that the money goes into the right pockets. 


  • Raise Awareness: Find a local anti-trafficking non-profit who can train you and offer volunteer opportunities. As you learn more about this injustice, use the platform that you already have to speak out against it. If you’re a stay at home mum, follow some social media accounts and repost. A student, find out about the scenarios that traffickers often use with your age group and make your friends aware. A businessman, invest financially and buy ethically. A small group leader at your church, do a session focussed on fighting trafficking and teach your group of the things they can watch out for. 

  • Give: A lot of us are called to give financially to aid the good works that are already happening. Youth With A Mission values depending on God in all areas, including financial provision. We also believe that generosity is a powerful thing. We have seen God move countless times through a simple financial gift. There are a lot of organizations that would benefit from $10 a month or one time giving. Make sure that you know where your money is going. 


How does YWAM Asheville Fight Against Human Trafficking? 

The Reshma Project is a ministry of YWAM Asheville. The vision of the Reshma Project is to expose the darkness of sex trafficking, to empower the enslaved to escape bondage, & to enrich their life and self with dignity. This takes place in India, North Africa, The Middle East, and locally in Asheville. As a community, YWAM Asheville is passionate about seeing a woman who has been affected by human trafficking be made whole. We approach this holistically, giving her practical training and

tools to create a sustainable income, provide counselling and therapy, and assist her with any physical illnesses or injuries she is experiencing. Through the whole process of restoration the Gospel is made real, personal, and tangible.


Final Takeaway 

If we each do our part we can make a dent in this industry that is running rampant around our world. It feels like an impossible battle to fight, but we just need to be faithful to do our part. Every small thing counts in the fight against human trafficking.


Laura-Beth is not only a staff member here at YWAM Asheville, she is an abolitionist. With a lifelong calling to “disciple and empower those affected by human trafficking”, Laura-Beth is the founder of The Reshma Project.



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