Story Behind The Photo: Heidi

Heidi shares some insight on the story behind the photo. Check out some of what she learned on her YWAM DTS outreach!

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This past January, during the second week of our outreach in Tanzania. I had the amazing chance to share a sermon with a small African congregation. It was an experience that really deepened my faith and showed me how God works in the moment. When I first got up to speak, I was super nervous, unsure if I could deliver my message well or even if it would be meaningful to them. I prayed, and prayed, and prayed for peace and for the words to say, then when it was time I took a deep breath and just started talking.

To my surprise, the words just flowed. It felt like I wasn’t even thinking about what to say next—I barely had to look at my notes. As I spoke, I saw people nodding, smiling, and even getting emotional. It was an incredible feeling, knowing that the message was connecting with them on such a deep level. I really felt the Holy Spirit guiding me every step of the way.

What was even more powerful was the altar call we had at the end of the service. I invited anyone who felt moved by the message to come forward, and to my amazement, the entire congregation responded. People came up, a few of them in tears, seeking prayer and a deeper connection with God. Seeing the impact my words had on them was incredibly humbling and showed me that God truly does speak through us when we let Him.

This experience left a lasting impression on me. It taught me to trust that God will provide what we need, not just for ourselves but to help others too. It also reminded me of the power of community and shared faith. Preaching in that small church wasn’t just about delivering a sermon; it was about experiencing the incredible ways God works through us and connects us all.


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