YWAM DTS Requirements

Interested in doing a YWAM Discipleship Training School? Check out the requirements for participating in a YWAM DTS at YWAM Asheville.


Written By Kasstidy Tanniehill

A YWAM DTS at YWAM Asheville is a 5-month fully immersive missions training experience. During the first 3 months of your Discipleship Training School, you will be in a classroom setting focused on knowing God, His Word, and His world. You will live in a community with staff and peers while receiving practical training to complete the great commission. Then the following 2 months will be spent serving God outside the classroom, putting into practice all the training you have just received. During this cross-cultural experience, you will discover a deeper dependence and reliance on the Lord. You will be sharing the Gospel with those in the world around you!

During a Youth With A Mission DTS, you can expect to step out of your comfort zone, experience the transformation of letting Jesus into every part of your life, and a place to make intentional and intimate friendships. DTS is a space where you can flourish and grow into who God has created you to be. It is a unique way for you to develop your ministry skills and gain valuable cross-cultural experiences. Let’s take a look at what is required to do a YWAM DTS.

ywam dts

So...what is required for you to be able to do a YWAM DTS? 

  • We require that students have a high school diploma or equivalent. 

  • Be over the age of 17. Most of our students are between the ages of 18 and 25. 

  • You must have an up-to-date passport that will not expire before your school is complete.

  • Have a willingness to learn. DTS is a space where there is an opportunity to learn and receive training on how to go into all nations, how to share your faith, and will be given tools that will be valuable for the rest of your life. 

  • You must walk in with a genuine desire to grow in your relationship with Jesus and be wholeheartedly present. This time is fully devoted to the Lord, so no other jobs. You will be given practical applications and have the opportunity to put them into practice. 

  • Have humility towards God and others. Being willing to be known for who you are, who you are not, and who you are becoming. We are not perfect and we do not expect others to be. We are a community of believers who are devoted to lifting each other up and who value transparency and forgiveness. 

  • Have a heart willing to be discipled. We are a discipleship community. A group of people who are eager and willing to grow. We know that there is room for every person to grow and become more Christ-like.


In Summary

These requirements and expectations are ones that we as staff want to walk you through! We want to step alongside you wherever you are in your walk with faith and encourage you to lean fully into the Lord and all He has for you! Engaging in discipleship like DTS is a life-changing experience! Your heart is transformed by the Lord, you get to dive into who God is!

All we ask is that you come open-handed, humble-hearted, and ready to receive what God has in store!

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