Story Behind The Photo: Cody

Cody shares some insight on the story behind the photo. Check out some of what he learned during his YWAM DTS!

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Three years ago, God set me on a path I never anticipated. It began with YWAM's Discipleship Training School (DTS), and now, here I am, serving as a long-term missionary in the very place we visited during our outreach.
Before DTS, I was burdened with $13,000 in debt, which increased to $20,000 with my commitment to the school. Despite this, I trusted God's promise, revealed to me in a dream, that He would provide. Miraculously, on the first day of DTS, I was able to tell my school leader that my fees were fully paid, and I was entirely debt-free! This was the beginning of many miracles that I have experienced being in YWAM.
Our small DTS group, along with our staff, quickly became a close-knit family. Living together, we shared joy, sorrow, and countless growth moments. The depth of our relationships, forged through communal living and shared faith, is something I cherish deeply.
Starting DTS, I had been a Christian for four years but struggled with a legalistic mindset. God used the teachings and community life at YWAM to transform my way of thinking and understanding. Through numerous "aha" and "forgive me" moments, I learned that by knowing God more we begin to know and understand ourselves more. This journey significantly shaped my character and worldview. Reflecting on my experience, I'm profoundly grateful for God's call to DTS. The friendships I made, the spiritual growth I experienced, and the closer relationship I formed with Jesus are invaluable.
While I never envisioned becoming a long-term missionary in South America, God's plans led me here, and it all started with a step of faith at YWAM Asheville. Will you say yes to Jesus and embark on your own DTS journey?

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