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How to Get Involved in YWAM Mission Trips

We will discuss from the first steps of doing a YWAM missions trip, why we do missions, and where to start your missions journey.


Role of Faith in Worship

Are faith and worship separate things, or are they connected? Learn about the important and central role of faith in worship.


Three Ways to Let Truth Into Your Life

“What is truth?” Everyone seems to want it, know it, have it, need it. So what is it? Let’s look at three ways to let truth into your life as a...


The Father Heart of God

The Father Heart of God: Understanding God the Father through the lens of Jesus changes everything for me.


What Obedience To God Really Means

Obedience to God is common and often misunderstood thing in our faith. So, what does obedience to God really mean?


Hearing the Voice of God in Prayer

Hearing the voice of God in prayer requires intention, expression, and communication. Prayer is an invitation to hear God speak.


Power Of Prayer

Prayer has been the heartbeat of the Judeo-Christian faith since the very beginning. But what is it, and why is it powerful?